About Me.
My name is Jan and I welcome you to my world of photography.

Fascinated about the pictures my granddad took I started taking pictures myself when I travelled through Vietnam in 2k15. Since then photography became an obsession and the camera my daily companion. My way into photography is not an easy one and I don’t focus on just one genre. My portfolio includes travel and documentary, touring with bands and portraits.
"Jan's openness and genuine interest is reflected in his pictures. They capture moments of life, sincere and authentic as they are and show their unique beauty."
- ND-Awards
- Australian Photographer of the Year
- Monochrome Photoawards
- Fine Art Photography Awards
- 2017 / Wannda Festival
- 2019 / Salon Irkutsk - South East Asia
- 2019 / Salon Irkutsk - Documentary: The life of mongolian shepherds